Effective Tips for Building a Funeral Home Marketing Strategy

Effective Tips to build a Funeral Home Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing for new clients, funeral homes always struggle. Nobody really plans their funeral ahead of time, unless they absolutely need to. Don’t fret—just because there are challenges along the way, it doesn’t mean that funeral home marketing is a worthless effort.

Finding various ways to get your message to those who need pre-planning of funeral arrangements or those who have an urgent need for such service is a crucial factor in implementing a robust and results-oriented funeral home marketing strategy.

It is important to build a strategy that will draw your audience in and can identify funeral homes as a way to connect with the communities and at the same time, help increase your revenues.

Here are some tips that will help with your funeral home business:

Responsive Mobile-Compatible Website

When you create your website for your funeral home, make sure that it is also mobile-responsive. When you design your website, it has to be also compatible with any mobile device. If your website is not mobile responsive, your chances of ranking well on Google will be low. Add the fact that the market is getting highly competitive, it is best to be one step ahead of the game on search engines.

Providing a better customer experience is one way to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Plus, Google always rewards websites that are mobile-friendly and responsive.

Analyze Competitors

In order to ensure the success of your business, you have to make sure that you stand out. Research all the local funeral homes in your area and look at their existing marketing strategies, including all the services they offer. Make a list and review their branding and reputation to find various ways for your brand to stand out.

One example is to focus on positive marketing strategies that aim to celebrate the life of the deceased rather than the usual somber event that most funeral homes sell.

Advertise Online

In today’s advanced world, most people find what they are looking for online. If you want your potential customers to find you, you could run a PPC ad campaign via Google AdWords. Aim for localized and service-specific keywords to ensure that your prospects will have higher chances of landing on your website before your competitors.

You could use words such as “affordable funeral home services in (your town)” or “cremation services in (your town)”. Make sure you have a systematic approach to monitor and track your campaigns. This will also allow you to monitor all your expenses, making sure you are not wasting your budget on ones that are not bringing any conversions.


Blogs are written for a reason—people read blogs not just for the sake of reading. They need something to educate themselves with anything that is relevant to their needs. Most people are turned on by useful content and not by ads.

If you can provide valuable information, tools, and resources for your potential customers, then you start building trust, which is valuable for your business.

Create content that will educate your prospects. Provide them with useful articles that will break down what they need to know about pre-planning funeral services—the process, the time and money saved, insurance, estate planning, and some ideas on how to make the service more personalized and meaningful. 

Survey Customers

One way to create an effective funeral home marketing strategy is to know your target market. Research and find out what your potential customers want from your funeral home—what kind of products and services they specifically need. You will need to offer services that are profitable while still giving you that competitive edge.

Consider add-on services during pre-planning or for visitation or wakes, such as offering refreshments or obituary writing. These extra services can be advertised online since you need to target your prospect both using traditional and online marketing.

When marketing for your funeral home services, it is important to try different tactics and strategies, track the results, and adjust when necessary. Implementing just a couple of these strategies that fit your brand and the community will help you generate more positive results, increase revenue, convert leads to customers, and build your brand.

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