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10 Funeral Home Blog Topics That Will Captivate Your Audience

Funeral homes are often misunderstood. Many people think they only plan funerals. In fact, funeral homes offer so much more! Counseling for grief, estate planning, memorial services, etc.

A funeral home blog is a great way to educate your audience. Our blog post discusses 10 engaging funeral home blog topics.

Why Should You Blog for Your Funeral Home Business?

It is important to understand why funeral homes should blog before we discuss the topics.

It’s simple – to attract customers. Blogs provide potential customers with useful content and thereby increase traffic to your funeral home website. You build trust with your audience and they are more likely to refer your funeral home to their loved ones. 

To attract more customers, blogs should be a part of the digital marketing strategy of your funeral home in addition to social media marketing.

Let’s discuss some engaging topics that you can write about now that we’ve discussed the importance of funeral home blogging.

1. Funeral Service Cost:

Costly funeral services are not a secret. Funeral Costs are part of funeral home blog topics for most funeral homes. Provide an average funeral cost and what factors affect it with your blogs about funerals.

Costs associated with funeral services include basic services, caskets, embalming, body preparation, transportation, funeral home fees, death certificates, and more. The cost also varies from state to state, so you can compare your local funeral service cost with the national average.

2. Planning a Funeral:

Through your blog, you can make funeral planning easier for your audience. Discuss the process of planning a funeral. Share tips to make it easier. Include a funeral checklist, funeral budget, funeral timeline, and guide on how to plan a funeral so the process is as smooth as possible.

For those new to funeral planning, these blogs can be very helpful.

Many people don’t know how to plan a funeral. Funeral homes, by providing a guide on funeral planning, can help ease some of the stress.

3. Funeral Service Etiquettes:

Most people today don’t know the proper etiquette for funeral services. Funeral homes can use this topic to educate their audience on how to behave during a funeral service.

Offer funeral etiquette tips that will be greatly appreciated, from arrival to smartphone use times to signing guest books. The proper etiquette for funeral services also includes what to say to the bereaved (and what not to say) and funeral traditions from around the world.

Funeral service etiquette is an important blog topic because it explains the dos and don’ts of funeral services.

4. What to Wear to a Funeral:

We should discuss this topic separately from funeral etiquette. In addition to fashion tips, write about how to dress for a funeral or memorial service. Discuss the clothing to avoid when attending a funeral.

It’s important to highlight that funeral attire varies depending on the type of funeral service.

Funeral attire is often unfamiliar to many people, so it is an important topic to discuss. Help your readers learn what should they wear to funeral service by writing a blog post.

5. How To Write a Eulogy:

Most struggle with writing a eulogy or making a remembrance speech for their loved ones. Provide tips for what to include in a eulogy, how to structure a eulogy, how long to make it, etc. It can be incredibly useful for people who didn’t know the deceased well.

Write about why writing about a lost loved one is therapeutic and how it can be helpful for the bereaved. You can offer eulogy templates as well.

6. Coping With Grief:

Grief and loss are never easy, but there are ways to cope with them and start the healing process. You can write about how to deal with grief, such as talking about the feelings of the bereaved, seeking professional help, staying healthy, and more, in this blog topic.

Give your readers some tips on how to cope with reawakened grief during a pandemic. Your readers need to know that they are not alone in their grief and there are people who can assist them during this hard time.

Grief is an emotion that everyone experiences. This is a great way to better engage with your audience as a Funeral homeowner.

7. Memorial Gift Ideas:

Most people struggle to come up with gift ideas at their darkest times. Offer thoughtful gift ideas that will be cherished by the bereaved. Write about the type of memorial gifts appropriate and how to find them.

Discuss memorial donations, what charities are appropriate to give to, and how to make a donation in lieu of flowers.

Explain why it is important to consider what the bereaved would appreciate.

8. Headstone Cost & Ideas:

In terms of funeral costs, a headstone is expensive. Describe what factors affect the cost of a headstone in this blog topic.

Share ideas and designs for headstones and give tips on choosing the right one. You can discuss different types of materials, designs, and ways to personalize headstones.

A funeral is not complete without a headstone. Educate your audience about the average cost of a headstone and what factors affect the price.

9. Writing Obituaries:

Most write obituaries in haste and under duress. Give tips on how to write an obituary, what information to include, and where to get help. Help them learn how to revise, edit, and lengthen old obituaries.

You can also provide templates and design examples to your audience. 

10. Funeral Urns:

Write about the different types of urns available and what factors to consider when choosing an urn. Educate your readers about the type, cost, style personalization, and care of funeral urns.


There are a variety of resources and tips available from funeral homes. In this blog post, we’ve outlined 10 engaging funeral home blog topics that will captivate your audience.

Hopefully, this list of funeral home blog topics will help you to get started in creating informative and engaging content. 

Writing an engaging funeral home blog can be hard for busy funeral homeowners, but luckily there are professional blog writing services that can help you! Memorial Home Marketing is a great option for funeral homes that need help writing professional and SEO-friendly blogs.

What are some other funeral home blog topics that you would like to see covered? Let us know.

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