3 Tips to Increase Traffic to your Funeral Home Website

3 Ways to Increase Traffic to your Funeral Home Website

Funeral home websites often face challenges when it comes to achieving a strong web presence. After all, who would be excited at the thought of planning their funeral?

However, in today’s digital age, a funeral home website can easily make or break your brand. It can help educate your potential and existing customers about the services you provide offer you endless marketing and branding opportunities and help you build credibility in the online world.

Getting more traffic to your website means creating strategies to draw people in—it could take time, effort, as well as technical knowledge, plus a dash of creativity.

There is no magic bullet that you can use to increase traffic, but with a bit of research and implementing a few tips and tricks, you can definitely see improvement to your site’s ranking and online visibility.

Make your Website Easy to Navigate

Your website navigation offers two purposes:

  • Guides visitors to easily navigate the page and locate specific information on your page, such as pre-planning offers or your price lists.
  • Helps search engines crawl the page so it can properly display pages from your website on search engines results pages (SERP) when certain keywords are used.

Your website doesn’t have to look complicated. When planning the navigation for your website, keep it as simple, clear, and concise as possible.  Avoid buzzwords and provide visitors with direct-to-the-point information for exactly what they will find on the page.

Take advantage of the right keywords—it will not only improve the user experience of your site, but it will also make it easier for search engines to crawl and identify how relevant each page is. A great example is having a home where certain sections on your site are easily accessible and identifiable, making sure that visitors know exactly where to click if they want to send flowers or read an obituary.

Create and Add Videos to your Website

People love seeing videos and incorporating high-quality videos into your site is one of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your site. As a matter of fact, search engines also love seeing videos. Mobile device users are also great fans of video marketing—and that is a wide market no funeral service company should ignore.

What makes videos great for your website is that they are engaging, great for SEO, and more appealing to your visitors. Some video content you can use on your website are:

  • Video testimonials from happy and satisfied customers
  • Walk-through video of your facilities
  • Great eulogies that client families can draw inspiration from
  • Personalized services that your business have offered

These videos are incremental in helping to improve your rankings, increase traffic to your site, and eventually convince customers that your funeral home service is the right choice for their needs.

Link Building through Partnerships with Local Businesses

Your site will become more authoritative when other businesses link to it, thereby improving your search engine rankings and increasing your credibility. While link building can be challenging, partnering and building strong relationships with other businesses, particularly local businesses, will not only help increase traffic to your site but will also help build a strong bond with your customers and the community.

Consider getting involved with local businesses that provide different but related products or services to your funeral home service. Caterers, reception venues, local monument companies, event centers, and florists are some of the more obvious ones that you can partner with. Consider as well joining small business associations in your area.

Be creative and get involved to help you form a stronger bond with the community. Support animal shelters, drug, and alcohol recovery programs, veteran’s associations, or homeless shelters. Set up booths at a Sunday market or expo, contribute to the local fair, or sponsor a marathon or a sporting event. You can also nurture relationships with religious organizations, local churches, cemeteries, and hospitals in the area. Think outside the box and be as creative as possible. 

You might wonder how these local businesses can help with your website’s traffic. The answer is through links. When you hire a third-party vendor or sponsor an event, ask them to include links to your website. The more links you get the higher your traffic will be, especially if these sources come from legitimate and natural local-based websites.

Finally, always remember that increasing your website’s traffic highly depends on value. When you think about the efforts or strategies to achieve this goal, ask yourself “Is this something that will be valuable to my potential customers?”

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